All you need to know about the house dust mite

House Dust Mites

House dust mites are a major cause of allergic asthma and chronic rhinitis. They are tiny scavengers that live in colonies in warm, still, dark, and damp environments. And with education, you can avoid them.

  • Dealing with your Allergy

    The general public has become more aware of the allergy link to mites. As shown by the large number of visitors to, people are now seeking positive and practical methods of making their home and office healthier.

    We believe that active and informed allergen reduction, combined with properly prescribed medication, is the responsible way to approach allergic asthma, rhinitis and eczema.

    An important part of managing allergy is education. Once you know your triggers, you will be in a better position to take steps to reduce symptoms.

  • About us is the creation of the Nockles family. Nell Nockles and her son Edward have been actively researching and communicating the impact of house dust mite allergens for over sixteen years.

    Nell, a life long asthma and hay fever sufferer, began her research following a dramatic improvement in her health just by eliminating house dust mites from her sleeping environment.

    Nell was so amazed that such a simple remedy reversed years of suffering, that she felt compelled to find out more and spread the good news.