All you need to know about the house dust mite
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What other 'events' make mites more harmful

Lungs become agitated and ultra-sensitive for a time following damage from respiratory viral infections, excessive cigarette smoke or ozone inhalation.
Following harmful exposure to pollution or from viral infections, lungs are 'under repair' and in a heightened state of agitation. While this sensitivity is maintained it is best to avoid contact with aggressive allergens (enzymes) found in mite droppings as ultra-sensitive lungs are known to amplify and intensify reactions to allergens.

Note; If over exposure to the major mite allergen (Der p1) causes significant damage to vulnerable tissue, the breach or 'gap' in lung defences may invite harmful bacteria or moulds to take advantage and slip past defences. Doctors believe that this may be the reason why people with asthma develop more lung infections than healthy people.


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