All you need to know about the house dust mite
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Dogs can suffer from house dust mite (HDM) allergy

Allergic dermatitis in dogs can be caused by allergens from house dust mites (HDM). The allergens are enzymes designed breakdown chitin, the hard material found in the outer shell of many animals and cell walls of fungi.
Dogs can have an allergic reaction to the enzymes found in mite droppings which are there to degrade chitin. Chitin comes from the outer part of arthropods and from the cell walls of fungi. Both dead insects and fungi are an important part of the house dust mite's (HDM) extensive diet. For dogs, scientists have named the guilty allergens as Der f 15 and Der f 18. For humans, similar 'chitin-busting allergens' called Der p15 and Der p18, can also cause allergy. To guard your dog against mite-related dermatitis, you should keep all resting places mite free. Hot wash the blanket that your pets sleep on regularly.

A dog's bed should be mite free

Drawing by Nell Nockles, UK researcher for


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