All you need to know about the house dust mite
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Dust Mite Studies

Dust mite poison in action

The image below shows a house dust mite eating a mite dropping. In the dropping are leftover scraps of food that have been broken down by active enzymes to produce new nourishment. Because of its exquisite sense of smell the house dust mite can tell when the dropping is ready for eating.
Sorry, Still Under Construction. The next image shows a dust mite poison (benzyl benzoate) passing through the mite's gut as a lethal 'food' ball for an unsuspecting mite. The poison was illuminated for research purposes. Doctors are not sure how benzyl benzoate kills house dust mites, but clinical evidence, over many years, has proven its effectiveness. Benzyl benzoate is often combined with an essential oil in mite-killing sprays or laundry additives and actively sold on line. Please check for clinical proof of any product claims.

Courtesy of Dr. E.R.C. Bischoff, Mainz, Germany

[caption id=\'attachment_1285\' align=\'alignleft\' width=\'421\' caption=\'Dust mite eating a mite dropping\']\'\'[/caption]

[caption id=\'attachment_1286\' align=\'alignleft\' width=\'480\' caption=\'Poison passing through a mite\']\'\'[/caption]