All you need to know about the house dust mite
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At we have created for you a list of 5 essential steps that will get rid of dust mites in beds! Our method has been clinically tested and proven effective in a UK, NHS supported, study. In addition to these steps, you can download a leaflet below that will provide further information all about the mite. The rest is up to you.

Our 5 essential steps to mite avoidance

  1. Clean The Bed

    Check whether you have house dust mites (HDM) in the first place with a mite detection kit. If mites are detected, strip the bed and hot wash all bedding. Do this in a well ventilated room. Duvets may have to be taken to a launderette for this step. Use a mite killing detergent for blankets or delicate fabrics.

  2. Kill The Mites

    If the mattress is not new it should be vacuumed thoroughly with a high efficiency vacuum then sprayed with a clinically approved mite killing spray. Ideally, pillows should be dry-cleaned or replaced.

  3. Keep Mites Out

    Put micro-porous mattress, allergy pillow covers and duvet covers on the bedding. For best results these should be made from a woven material with a pore size less than 10 microns.

  4. Trap Dust, Sweat Or Traveling Mites

    Place an all-cotton quilted cover over the mattress to act as a barrier to absorb perspiration and collect discarded skin scales, dust or any traveling mites that think they may have found a home.

  5. Keep The Bed Mite Free

    The bed should be remade with freshly cleaned, hot-washed bed linen and duvet cover. Do this every week. Hot wash and dry the cotton quilted mattress cover every two weeks.

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