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Linked HDM allergic rhintis and risk of asthma

The link between allergic rhinitis and the development of asthma is confirmed. Research found that, in allergic rhinitis house dust mite sensitivity (over other allergens) increases the risk of the development of asthma.
Selections from the EAACI Congress, Milan June 22 to 24th 2013

'The link between allergic rhinitis and asthma has been established: the presence of allergic rhinitis increases the risk of asthma and compared to other allergens sensitisation to HDM [house dust mite] was greatly associated with an increase risk of asthma.'

'The incidence of asthma has doubled since the late 1990s, now affecting 300 million people worldwide.'

'Asthma is a symptom with multiple aetiologies [causes]. Identifying patient phenotypes [genes + environment or traits] is necessary. HDM allergens can trigger both innate [non-specific] and adaptative [specific] immunity. Actually, the application of guidelines is driven by disease severity and not phenotypes. More attention should be given to treating the cause of the disease [gene + environment] and allergen immunotherapy is an answer', Professor Stephen T Holgate.


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