All you need to know about the house dust mite
For the Curious

House dust mite control - the great flooring debate.

Hard indoor flooring will not secure floating dust. Looped carpet pile will hold dust securely. Non-looped carpets will catch dust particles then release them easily when vacuumed. The choice is yours.
Floorings, such as wood or vinyl, have poor dust control. The creation of 'dust bunnies' that can role around on hard flooring demonstrates this fact. Looped carpeting hold dust securely, but may need a powerful vacuum cleaner to lift trapped dirt. Non-looped, or tufted carpets trap dust lightly and can be easily removed when vacuuming. Carpeting, with an underlay, can offer a nesting place for a colony of mites.

In all cases, a regular cleaning routine with a Hepa filtered vacuum, combined with good ventilation, and low humidity are important in house dust mite control.


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